Meet the Baileys


Meet Reaghen

I met Reaghen when we were 17 and it didn't take long for me to realize she was different. I knew way back then that I wanted to spend my life with her, it just took her a little longer to catch up.

Reaghen has the biggest heart. She cares deeply about others and selflessly gives of herself.

She's the greatest mother to Eliot, it's crazy. She's so patient and nurturing to her. She is already Eliot's biggest cheerleader.

She's an undercover big 'ol sap, which is why this job is so great for her. I'm so grateful for her for so many reasons and I'm thankful that I get to walk through life with her.


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Meet Jackson

Jackson is my favorite person in the world. He is strong and kind and consistent. He is the world's greatest listener. He makes complete strangers feel known and heard within minutes of meeting him.

He is the best encourager and when he's on your team, there's nothing he doesn't think you can do.

He's obsessed with hats and would never let me tell you how many hats we have in our closet.

He is the best dad to our girl and watching him love her has made me fall all kinds of in love with him. His jokes have always been cheesy but now he officially gets the title of "dad joke" teller and he's pretty proud of that.

He is truly the rock of our family. When I get overwhelmed and am ridiculous, he is there. Stable. Calm. Level headed. Kind. Everything I could ever have asked for. Instagram

When we were trying to name our company, we debated names for a ridiculously long amount of time. Like, months. We never found something that felt "right". We wanted something that represented us. As people, as photographers and as business owners.

The name Kindred Hymn sprouted from the way that we desire our value of real moments and real life to show through our photography. To be "kindred" is to be "similar in kind". That's EXACTLY how we want to feel about clients and how we hope our clients feel about us. We want to get you. To understand what's important to you. We want you to feel known by us. Hymns are a form of celebration. In our own life, we sing hymns to celebrate Jesus and our relationship with him. Hymns represent celebration. Rejoicing. We hope to celebrate and rejoice alongside our clients on your most important days and in your most important seasons.

The deep breathe a groom takes when he finishes getting ready. The way the father of the bride watches his daughter from across the room. The way a baby melts into the arms of her parents in the comfort of her brand new home. The look between a mom and dad that reveals how much love they still have for each other after years of marriage and the chaos of raising kids. All of these fleeting moments deserve to be treasured and remembered, for a lifetime 

We want to be champions for you. Champions for your seasons and your moments and your life. Your real life. Your real laughs. Your real tears.

We're so stinking excited to get to do this together. As husband and wife and as best friends. It means so much that we are included on our client's most important memories and feel grateful for the responsibility of capturing those moments for forever. We're so glad you're here and we can't wait to get to know you!